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I’m Sandra 

I’m a natural beauty advocate, a trainer in the Beauty Industry, have owned 3 Hair and Beauty Natural Lifestyle salons in Melbourne a Natural Beauty Image Consultant, a hairdresser and makeup artist.

I know having worked with hundreds of women that we want to look beautiful.

We want to be the best versions of ourselves

And now I’m here to help you


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Why Us?


We do not believe in Beauty at any Cost.

We unknowing cover our bodies with unknown ingredients every day and we don’t even know if those ingredients are harmful to us. Unfortunately we can’t always trust the companies we buy from.

Our health is our greatest asset.

So at Products with Purpose we have made intelligent and conscious choices sourcing products created with love, and care and with careful thought and consideration to how these products effect us and our planet long term.

Through our Evolved Beauty Blog we hope to educateand inspire you to explore a higher level of living. 


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