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This is our first blog on “Evolved Beauty”, so welcome

We will cover topics from Beauty empowerment, product reviews, who is doing what (a shout out to amazing companies doing great things) and tips and hints to have great looking skin, hair and makeup.

Having worked in the Beauty Industry for close to 20 years I can safely say I have come across it all. Working with women in all different walks of life from cutting their hair, applying their makeup and styling them gives you a great insight to what concerns women have, what turns them on and and what they look for and need.

One thing I have learnt along the way is without a doubt “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” So why is it so many women compare themselves to other women?

I think it’s something that we cant help - it’s so deep rooted within our society that we in fact can’t help ourselves. Being competitive with each other started way back, when we didn’t have a voice, didn’t have rights and we certainly weren’t empowered and the only way we could climb, have a voice or have the illusion of control was to marry up…… so of course we became competitive - if you were what they called “pretty for the time” and your needle work skills weren’t up to scratch then don’t worry if you were beautiful you would still marry well or have suiters that may want you.

Well thank god those days have gone. But unfortunately we still compete and compare. Things are changing are more appreciation of uniqueness is shining through. Still its a hard slog when the media bombards us with stereo typing about what a beautiful or desirable women should look like.

Having worked as a stylist/Image consultant for many years I had the privilege to work very closely with women and listen to what really made them feel uncomfortable with how they looked.
Time seemed to play big part in it and more often than not it was a lack of education from other women around them as they were growing up. I would often have women saying I can’t believe I am 40 and learning how to do my makeup for the first time and how empowering it was for them.

I think what I have learnt from all of this is the most amazing women I deal with get educated. They learn to make the most of themselves, learn how to enhance their best features, and learn to see their uniqueness as a positive. And they realise they’re not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

So the next time you catch yourself comparing - STOP IT. But don’t worry we’ve all done it. The trick is to catch yourself, brush it off and remind yourself “we are all like a box of chocolates, some people like soft centres, some like hard and some like it dark, its what ever turns you on.

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