Desert Shadow 

" To promote healthy living through genuine organic hair & body alternatives."


Their Passion

Desert Shadow has strong ethics and passion which is seen in the small things they do each day to create change and a ripple effect that radiates out.

They are passionate about:

Organic Certification

Fairtrade & ethical sourcing of ingredients

• Our waterways

• Recycling & using 100% post consumer recycled paper for all our paper packaging

• Transparent information on all ingredients

• Reducing our impact

• Community

• Helping people

Their Pledge

We love organic products and we always support those products who have taken the step to be certified by a recognised Organic Certification body such as NASAA, ACO & USDA. We feel this is an important step in supporting the organic industry and keeping it transparent, trusted and real. Many brands use the excuse that organic certification is expensive, yes it does cost money but it is worth it, when you weigh up the pros and cons it is actually quite fair and affordable. Businesses who are transparent and honest will persue organic certification. Those who are not probably wont but they will still be happy to ride the wave of popularity of the organic movement.

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Why we love Desert Shadow


We are strong believers in fairtrade and buy and source these products in our everyday lives as well as in the business. There is no room for exploitation or unethical work practises in our world of Desert Shadow so here is how we sleep well at night in knowing what we do and who we choose to buy from does make an impact however big or small, the ripples will create change in some way. We have a close relationship with our suppliers of the hair colour ingredients. We visit them every few years to ensure we are happy with the standards and conditions people are working in. We only source from suppliers overseas if we have visited their working space and we aim to source locally as much as possible for all herbs and ingredients that are farmed here in Australia.