The evolution of Kyäni is the story of how the right people came together at the right place and at the right time and combined their inspiration and vision to bring it all together to form one great company.

It all started with the vision of Dick and Gayle Powell, in cooperation with Dr. Maureen Mckenzie, a bio-chemist who had devoted over 10 years of extensive research on the health benefits of the Wild Alaskan Blueberry. Working together, they knew they had started down the road to something special. 

Once the financial backing of co-founders Kirk Hansen & Carl Taylor was obtained, Kyani had the passion, research and strong foundation in place to become a company everyone would be talking about.



“Brilliance from bush to bottle” 

Kyäni products are scientifically developed to help you and your family Experience More. Through cutting- edge science and technology, Kyäni has positively impacted thousands of lives around the world.

Kyäni takes quality control very seriously. They oversee every detail of the production of each of Kyäni’s remarkable products—from the bush, ocean or tree, to the beautiful Kyäni bottle shipped to your home. Individual ingredients and finished products are tested and re-tested so they can provide you with the highest possible quality. By adhering to these strict guidelines, Kyäni will continue to offer superior wellness and nutrition products to the world. 


The Kyäni Triangle of Wellness

The Kyäni Triangle of Wellness features three key product families: Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, and Kyäni Nitro. Together, the products work synergistically to provide you and your family with hard-to-match nutrition for optimal wellness. Among many foods and botannicals, the Triangle of Wellness offers the power of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, Omega-3s from Wild Alaskan Salmon, Vitamins C, B Group and D, nitrates from Noni fruit, Magnesium and Zinc, in one easy-to-use system.


Experience the nutritional benefits for yourself. Try the Kyäni Triangle of Wellness today!


Why Products with Purpose loves Kyani

Since Kyäni’s humble beginnings, helping others to ‘Experience More’ has been a major part of the Founders’ core beliefs. This passion for giving back has led to Kyäni’s culture of giving and the foundation for Kyäni Caring Hands.

 “As we look within ourselves, observe the needs around us and then take action, it allows us to ‘Experience more’ in a profound way,” says Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen, “Kyäni Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.”

 Introducing the Potato Pak

Kyäni Founder, Carl Taylor, has a lifetime of experience in potato farming. Utilizing this expertise, and together with dietary nutrition experts, created the “Potato Pak” an instant ‘mix and eat’ format containing over 15g of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals in a quick and convenient pouch for those in need and donates to impoverished families.